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IP Convergence: It's never been easier or less risky to migrate from existing legacy voice and data networks to a converged enterprise network, resulting in dramatic resource and cost efficiencies.

VoIP Telephony combines all types of communication including data, voice and video over a single Internet Protocol (IP) based network infrastructure. Benefits include:

  • uncompromised reliability and functionality
  • open-platform solutions are fully compatible with existing systems, applications and infrastructure
  • easy to lower and maintain costs, upgrade business processes, and improve the overall network experience

Convergence can be highly effective, both as a value generator and as a cost-containment tool. A converged network can help an organization:

  • Evaluate the impact of outdated, disparate voice and data networks on business requirements
  • Drive down monthly telecommunications expenses while maximizing capital budget dollars
  • Unify and centralize voice/data administrative and maintenance support
  • Streamline move, add and change (MAC) requirements

Comm3 guides customers in making informed choices about converged voice and data network environments. In the event that convergence is not an appropriate option, Comm3 applies the same skills, expertise and service quality to its support of traditional voice and data networks.