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All Aerohive devices support the feature-rich HiveOS Cooperative Control architecture. HiveOS enables Aerohive devices to organize into groups, or “hives,” which allows functionality like fast roaming, user-based access control and fully stateful firewall policies, as well as additional security and RF networking features - all without the need for a centralized or dedicated controller. HiveOS has two primary feature sets - Wi-Fi Features and Routing Features

HiveOS Wi-Fi Features

HiveOS Wi-Fi features provide a host of leading wireless network features, including SLA compliance, airtime management and built-in spectrum analysis, all without a controller.

HiveOS Routing Features

HiveOS Routing features enables Aerohive branch routers to deliver all the remote office network functionality that teleworkers and branch offices need in a zero-touch deployment model, including full Layer 3 IPSec VPN tunnels, 802.11n functionality, patent-pending Cloud Proxy security services and granular Network Flow-based firewall capabilities.

HiveOS Switching Features

HiveOS Switching delivers enterprise-class switching functionality combined with identity-based routing, security features like 802.1X, and contextual policy enforcement.

HiveOS is the operating system that resides on Aerohive access points and routers. HiveOS Cooperative Control architecture enables all Aerohive devices to organize into groups, or “hives,” which allow advanced functionality without the need for a centralized or dedicated controller. HiveOS Wi-Fi features deliver market leading WLAN functionality, while HiveOS routing features enable feature-reach, zero-touch remote office functionality.

Wi-Fi Features

Cooperative Control

• All network operations supported without a controller
• Lower cost, higher performance
• Radio Resource Management for automatic channel selection and power control
• Auto-discovery and configuration of Aerohive Access Points
• Fast and secure L2 and L3 roaming
• Foundation for resilient and highly available WLAN services

Full capabilities on every Access Point

HiveOS includes enterprise-class features, delivered without licensing cost and hassle, on every access point:

• Secure fast roaming (L2 and L3)
• Radio resource management
• Band steering and load balancing for high-density network deployments
• Stateful firewall with application layer gateways (ALGs)
• Web server for guest access – Captive Web Portal
• Flexible interaction with user databases: RADIUS server, RADIUS Caching, native directory integration, and SIP2 databases for libraries
• Full QoS
• Spectrum Analysis
• Rogue detection and mitigation

Client Health Score

• At-a-glance display of the quality of client connections
• Includes easy-to-understand icons that enable a quick view of radio, IP network, and application status

Service Level Assurance

• Performance Sentinel built into every AP enables real-time tracking of performance per user, or per application
• System can be enabled to automatically take action to boost performance of mission-critical applications

Dynamic Airtime Scheduling

• Improves performance in mixed networks by providing preferential access to the fastest client devices
• Gets fastest clients off the air quickly, to enable superior performance in a mixed a/b/g/n client environment

Private PSK

• Generates easy-to-deploy, one-time security keys for guest or intermittent use