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The Aerohive Cloud VPN Gateway (CVG) is designed to integrate into virtualized environments and simplify complex VPN deployments.

A lightweight, software-based solution that runs on VMware-compliant equipment, the gateway is designed to simplify VPN termination for thousands of remote branches. The CVG can be installed in under 10 minutes and becomes the core of a branch network that terminates thousands of VPN tunnels from remote access locations. These unique characteristics, combined with HiveOS intelligence, create breakthrough ease of provisioning and management for branch offices. The gateway is also license-free, which has made Aerohive the networking partner of choice for thousands of organizations around the world.

Aerohive’s Cloud VPN Gateway (CVG), is a VMware-based appliance that can be located at any customer location to simplify complex VPN deployments.

Dynamic Routing Integration

The Aerohive CVG can integrate with standards-based dynamic routing protocols
such as Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) and Routing Information Protocol version 2 (RIPv2) to collect routing
information from corporate routers and distribute the necessary information to the Aerohive Branch
Routers. Similarly, the CVG can also collect routing information from branch router devices and
advertise it to surrounding corporate devices to provide paths to the remote networks. Dynamic
routing capabilities allow efficient use of WAN resources, reduce traffic congestion, and enhance
remote site survivability.

Scalable, License-Free VPN Tunnel Termination

The Aerohive Cloud VPN Gateway delivers the best of both worlds—enterprise-class VPN scalability
in a low-cost, lightweight software package. With the CVG, what used to be a big-iron investment is
now a simple software download with one-click install. No more over-buying capacity and licenses
for future tunnel capacity requirements—just add more computing power to the virtual instance and
it’s ready to terminate more license-free tunnels. Whether the deployment requires terminating five
tunnels or 5,000, the CVG is up to the task and ready without any per-tunnel or client licensing fees.