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Aerohive Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) provides a cloud-enabled pay-as-you-go procurement model for network infrastructure and services.

Just as HiveManager Online has been available as a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), now your Branch on Demand solution from Aerohive Networks is also available as a subscription. The program currently includes the Branch Routers and the Cloud VPN Gateway.

The need to support teleworkers, home-shoring and micro-branches requires deployment of equipment to 100s or 1000s of sites. The number and location of these workers will fluctuate significantly, making long-term capital equipment purchases and inventory management costly and risky.

Aerohive NaaS combined with its industry leading cloud-enabled architecture enables:

• No long term commitments. Only 1 year terms.
• Complete bundles, including product, cloud management, updates, and technical support to simplify the distributed deployments.
• Inexpensive replacement or upgrading of equipment.
• Minimization of moving and inventory management costs.

The NaaS subscription terms are for one year. All NaaS devices come bundled with HiveManager Online device management licenses. Before the service expires, your HiveManager Online management screen will provide warnings of upcoming expirations. If you no longer need the service for that branch, simply do not renew the subscription, and the device will be de-activated and recycled.

The installation of a branch router or Cloud VPN Gateway with HiveManager Online management is no different under a NaaS subscription option than normal.

Provides a cloud-enabled pay-as-you-go subscription model for network infrastructure and services. No upfront capital expenditures, nor long term commitments. Everything you need for a Branch On Demand in one simple bundle.

• Pay-as-you go subscriptions enable flexible deployment of branch routers without CAPEX
• Short one year subscriptions minimize moving and inventory management costs
• Complete bundles including product, management and support simplifies the purchase and deployment process
• Mix subscriptions for short term locations / workers, with permanent purchases for long term installations for lowest TCO
• Same innovative Branch On Demand product and simple installation, regardless of how you buy
• Both NaaS and non-subscription devices managed together using the same, intuitive HiveManager Online interface