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ID Manager Cloud-Enabled Enterprise Guest Management System

Aerohive’s ID Manager is the first enterprise guest management system to leverage the cloud to simplify and automate the deployment and maintenance of enterprise guest management.

Aerohive simplifies guest management by combining industry-leading authentication integration with the Aerohive Cloud Services Platform to eliminate the need for any additional hardware or software to deliver a scalable, simple-to-administer enterprise guest management solution that streamlines the on-boarding of visitors. Whether required at a single site or over a globally distributed, multi-lingual company, ID Manager’s cloud-enabled flexibility and simplicity provide a complete solution for every site.

ID Manager is a cloud-enabled enterprise guest management system that integrates with your existing authentication system without the addition of hardware or software.

Cloud-Enabled, Single Infrastructure

• No additional hardware or software to install or maintain
• Automatically updated globally with latest security features

Secure, VIP Guest management

• Multiple secure guest profiles – from casual guests to fully secure temporary employees
• Manages secure, profile-based access for thousands of concurrent users anywhere in the world
• Integrates existing authentication systems to streamline deployments and meet compliance mandates
• Allows employees to sponsor VIP guests by creating accounts individually or in groups via web browser
• Credentials can be securely delivered by SMS to any mobile device, anywhere in the world
• Profiles are fully configurable, allowing IT to determine not only where the guest can get access but when and for how long
• WLAN communications can be protected by Aerohive’s Private PSK (or PPSK) encryption

Self-registration (via kiosk or personal mobile devices)

• Self-service portal using HTML5 that is presented via a simple web browser
• Kiosk in lobby site can be used by guests to self-register
• Guests can also be enabled to use their own personal mobile devices to self-register through a captive web portal
• Leverages the same Aerohive HiveManager used to manage Aerohive devices to set the guest policy, including encryption, time until expiration, and device profiles
• The Aerohive Cloud Services Platform even includes automatic localization into nearly a dozen languages

Guest Creation and Credential Distribution

• Corporate Directory integration to allow employee sponsorship of guest accounts
• Multi-language Unicode support for guest registration UI, including support for non- Latin characters
• Simplified guest management operator portal allows an easy workflow to create accounts


• Number of authentication requests accepted and rejected
• Accounting log to track user data transfer
• Audit log for monitoring administrative and operator usage of the system
• Session time tracking