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Comm3 provides the total service package to customers, including attractive finance options that work withinyour budget. Leasing allows customers to preserve capital, protect credit lines, reduce the risk of technological obsolescence and possibly, enjoy significant tax benefits.

Comm3 and PROTECH©

Comm3, has created a flexible finance program to fit the needs of every customer. Depending on what features are needed to incorporat into your financing solution, we have the right program that will match up to your requirements.

We offer highly competitive rates on two traditional lease solutions along with an innovative program called the PROTECH©. Comm3 offers the following financing options:

$1 Out Lease

The $1 Out Lease requires the customer to purchase the leased equipment for $1 at the conclusion of the agreement. Because this is an ownership program, it provides you with a known total cost at the beginning of the lease.

Fair Market Value (FMV) Lease

This program traditionally offers the lowest monthly payment, and because ownership is optional, it provides some flexibility to combat obsolescence. The FMV Lease allows the customer to return the equipment or acquire it for Fair Market Value at the end of the lease agreement.


The same structure as a FMV lease, but with the additional benefit of hardware and software support built into the low monthly payment. Our PROTECH© solution provides peace of mind knowing your entire communications solution is covered throughout the lease term. A simple phone call or email to the Comm3 support team initiates an immediate repair or replacement of your failing component 24/7/365. This removes the hassle of annual maintenance agreements and allows you to lock in the maintenance rate for the entire lease term. No more worrying if the support costs will rise next year.