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Solution: Mitel's iVoip Phone System

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The primary mission of Grayson Central Appraisal District is to provide the best possible customer service through teamwork, a positive attitude, a well educated and informative staff and through an accountable system which uses technology, positive communication and a helpful manner in order to ensure the taxing jurisdictions, property owners and the public a smooth transition and experience.

“Together, Comm3 and Mitel really paid attention to our needs and wants, which made a huge difference with the board’s final decision when choosing who to do business with.”

— Brenda Arzate, Director of IT, Grayson Central Appraisal District

Grayson County Appraisal District had an outdated ESI IVX 128, and their IT team knew an upgrade to iVoIP phones was desperately needed. The largest obstacle to overcome was the familiarity the current system provided amongst their staff. It would be a seemingly easy decision for these users to transition, because they were soon to move into a new building but they were hesitant.

“I knew a change needed to occur and that it would be the best thing for our district. It was the perfect time to upgrade, but I truly did not know how my employees were going to handle a massive change when they had the old ESI figured out.”

— Brenda Arzate, Director of IT, Grayson Central Appraisal District

After meeting with Comm3 about Mitel, Grayson County Appraisal District knew this was a seamless fit. The phones are user friendly, and their customer service has enhanced because of how manageable every piece of the system is. A big decision maker for them was the features it could offer, while staying within the realm of their budget.

“It was difficult trying to figure out which system was the best fit for our district, while including every feature we truly wanted at a reasonable price. Comm3 and Mitel provided that for us in an easy and friendly manner.”

— Brenda Arzate, Director of IT, Grayson Central Appraisal District