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At Comm3, we understand the challenges of managing complex telecommunication systems within large, multi-location organizations. With the breadth of our products, our vast partner network and our deep experience in many industries, we are your trusted partner. We deliver flexible, cost-effective solutions, designed with simplicity and ease of use, top of mind.

Increase Efficiency

Your employees—wherever they are—can work as a single, connected company on the same enterprise-wide telephone system for across-the-board efficiencies that impact the bottom line.

Reduce Expense & Total Cost of Ownership

Businesses save on long distance, cellular and wireless charges and increase ROI, all with greater reliability. Reduce infrastructure and administration costs by integrating voice data and Internet connectivity for a highly network oriented business solution.

Improve Scalability

With technology rapidly evolving, businesses need systems with the flexibility to scale easily to keep pace with new communication services. Lower your investment risks and avoid having systems become obsolete.

Ease of Use & Administration

At Comm3 we understand the high cost of user training, complex administration, and the loss of productivity when users are frustrated. Our systems are design from the ground up with simplicity and ease of use as top priorities.

Comm3 engineering using ShoreTel has given Maxim the ability to establish an IP telephone presence while maintaining our existing investment in traditional telephony. The new IP framework gives us the ability to support toll bypass, simplified corporate dial plan, access to next generation telephony options (SIP, integrated video) and a migration path to total IP telephony. Maxim has also engaged Comm3 to assess, document and maintain our legacy voice systems.  

Bryan Pilcher
Director of Network Services, Maxim Integrated Products
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