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Industry Insight the Drives Success

Whether delivering financial services or providing health care, your business must bring technology, people, and data together. Comm3 can help by providing customizable, comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the needs of your specific industry, whether its in finance, healthcare, education, or government.

With the added value of specialization by industry, Comm3 is able to architect customized corporate telecom solutions that address the unique requirements of your organization. We are committed to building telecom solutions that are compatible with your internal systems, processes and procedures. Learn more about customized systems for your industry below:

  • Financial services
    Financial institutions are under constant pressure to lower costs, improve operational efficiencies and provide the finest in customer contact and service. Comm3's VoIP solutions target each of these key performance areas, delivering measurable results along with uncompromised security that is standard protocol in this industry.
  • Professional Services
    In the professional services segment—advertising, design, architectural services, engineering, legal or IT services—the ability to handle challenging business scenarios and demanding clients often depends on your ability to communicate. Reliable VoIP and telecom network solutions are crucial to successful business relations and also provide new opportunities to collaborate and communicate, both internally and with clients and vendors, for excellent ROI.
  • Manufacturing
    Manufacturers require communications systems that can be implemented across the entire value chain. Comm3 develops custom solutions to meet the specific needs of manufacturers, helping to lower costs and boost productivity, while driving a higher customer satisfaction rate.
  • Automotive
    Car dealerships and auto parts suppliers have unique needs—critical needs that can be better served by the advanced control and reporting features afforded by next-generation telephony solutions. The latest technology can often make a significant difference in bottom-line operational efficiency. Comm3 has proven experience and expertise working in the automotive segment which translates directly into higher sales and better margins.
  • Education
    Faced with constantly shrinking budgets, educational institutions at all levels need network systems to keep people connected and provide productive, collaborative environments. A Comm3 VoIP system delivers a reliable solution that can be implemented across multiple sites or campuses while providing an easy-to-use, web-based central management system for greater operational efficiency, at a value-added cost.
  • Government
    Comm3's VoIP-based system provides the interoperability that government institutions require, as well as the ongoing need for careful controlling of operational costs, facilitating collaboration, and providing a secure communications environment. Our secure solutions provide data tracking, unified messaging, desktop call control, online directory dialing, and convergence applications that enhance collaboration and control functions.