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Industry: Museum

Solution: ShoreTel System

Geography: United States

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Six Floor Meseum


The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza chronicles the assassination and legacy of President John F. Kennedy; interprets the Dealey Plaza National Historic Landmark District and the John F. Kennedy Memorial Plaza; and presents contemporary culture within the context of presidential history.

“Prior to our visitor center renovation we had five phones sitting at the center’s desks with employees taking several calls at once. At the time, our system could not route where we wanted and we did not want to pay for programming.”

-- Dale Reynold, Director of IT, Sixth Floor Museum

Their existing phone system had database issues and was already in the white system.

“I put it out to bid for ShoreTel, Nortel, Avaya, and others. I had each company present and we chose ShoreTel. They made the most sense for what we had and what we needed.”

-- Dale Reynold, Director of IT, Sixth Floor Museum

After implementing ShoreTel’s system, they enjoy the ease and multi-site functionality it brings. They were able to save money by cutting down on hardware, and utilize their day by prioritizing instead of training new employees. 

“It is not only cost effective, but the hardware is bulletproof. From a programming and routing perspective, it’s especially easy. I came from an Avaya background, and these two could not be more opposite. It’s so simple I could do it in my sleep. No one on staff has had any issues whatsoever using the phones and can handle any incoming calls or transfers. Productivity has increased, because we don’t have to spend time training new staff members.”

-- Dale Reynold, Director of IT, Sixth Floor Museum