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Industry: Engineering, Construction

Solution: Mitel System

Geography: United States

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Huitt-Zollars, based in Dallas, Texas, is a full-service Engineering/Architecture/Construction Management organization with offices in major cities throughout the United States. The Company’s goal is to be the very best in their industry. They are a multiple site company that needed all users to be able to interact as if they were all in the same office.

The Corporate location was in the process of building a new location in downtown Dallas and their lease on their Inter-Tel system was up, so the need for a new solution had arrived. Comm3 was sure they could provide a system that was easy to manage as well as save the company money from what they were spending.

Huitt-Zollars had an existing Inter-Tel system that was approximately 5 years old and took 2 full years to get completely functional. They were experiencing bad voice quality with the Inter-Tel system and were disappointed with the amount of features it had. The system was extremely hard to manage and it was almost impossible to get any onsite support when they needed it.

As the company grew and technology changed, there was a great need for easy management of a new system as well as a need for more advanced features. Huitt-Zollars corporate location in Dallas was also moving into a new building that would require other technology including wireless, video conferencing and an internal conference bridge.

Comm3 offered to install a “Pilot Project” for Huitt-Zollars to prove the voice quality of IP Phones was not what they were currently experiencing. The pilot system did in fact prove the excellent voice quality, as well as show the ease of management and the features that would enhance the users experience.


  • The ShoreTel system gave them easy management of the system and cut out the need for outside support.
  • The users now have full control of their unified communications tools and can be reached with one number no matter where they office or are located for the day.
  • Employees in all locations can now call each other as if they were in the office next door with site to site four-digit dialing as well as having the ability to see the presence of each employee no matter where their office is located.

Conference Bridge

  • Employees are now able to use the internal conference bridge for all their conference calls which has saved Huitt-Zollars the amount they were paying monthly to outsource.
  • The desktop sharing along with the audio bridge allows employees to have their staff meetings while sitting at their own computer.
  • The quality of the conference bridge is above and beyond any conference bridge Huitt-Zollars has used in the past.


  • Huitt-Zollars has now moved to HD Video quality that is used in their executive conference rooms as well as in other offices across the country.


  • Huitt-Zollars has now implemented their wireless solution that includes an internal as well as a guest network.
  • Wireless has also provided them with ease of management for this system from any location.

"Want to say thanks for the great Shoretel deployment job. Smooth, professional, on schedule. Overall “A”. Great performance by Comm3 team that frequently exceeded expectations. Technical performance and great training led to excellent feedback from our users and guaranteed the success of our project. Especially impressed by Dallas rollout in the middle of the move. Looking forward to our next project together. Recommend Comm3 to anyone.”

-- Glen Ridnour, Director of IT, Huitt-Zollars